Анализ основных технико-экономических показателей деятельности строительной организации

Анализ основных технико-экономических показателей деятельности строительной организации
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In conditions of transition to the market attitudes the analysis of economic activity gets the increasing value. For realization of the analysis it is necessary complex to study work of the enterprise with the purpose of an objective rating of results and revealing of opportunities of the further increase of efficiency of managing. The achieved results are estimated from the point of view of their conformity to the requirements of the objective laws of market economy, and also economic tasks facing investigated object in the analyzed period. The formation of market economy causes development of the analysis first of all on micro a level - at a level of the separate enterprises and their internal structural divisions, as these lower parts make a basis of market economy.

During the economic analysis the economic processes of the enterprises, socio economic efficiency and final financial results of their activity developing under influence of the objective and subjective factors, receiving reflections through system of the economic information are studied. It is necessary to allocate study influence of the objective external factors. Constantly influencing on economic activity, they reflect, as a rule, action of economic laws.

As method of the analysis the way of system complex study, measurement and generalization of influence of the separate factors on performance of the economic plans and on dynamics of economic development carried out refers to as by processing by special receptions of parameters of the plan, account, reporting and other sources of the information.